Your Brakes Gave Out and Caused an Accident – What Now? – Transmission and Brake Repair News

your car off the road – due to faulty brakes. It is not advisable to drive after a number of incidents involving other motorists is not a good idea. The most effective thing you can do is turn on the warning lights on your vehicle. It is helpful if you additionally put reflective warning triangles or flares on roads to remind that other motorists should slow down.

Get in Touch With the Police

Don’t leave the scene of an accident caused by faulty brakes. Instead, notify the police and ask officers to respond, which is crucial if there are any serious injuries. It is also advisable even for minor incidents in particular when a third person is at fault.

Once the police officers arrive When they arrive, be calm and explain the incident to any officers who are responding. Be sure to explain what caused the crash (the brakes did not work) to the police officers. If you don’t, your claims could be denied later. Do not confess guilt. An admission to guilt can end up being used to your advantage in any civil or criminal trial.

Once the police arrive make note of the badge numbers, names and the phone numbers of the officers at the scene. Additionally, ensure that you get a copy of your accident report from an investigator.


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