What to Think About Prior to Purchasing Compost – Home Efficiency Tips


There are a few things you should think about.

Consider the ingredients of your compost. Items like pine, wood as well as food wastes can be included in compost. However biosolids have to be thoroughly composted before becoming suitable for use. Although manure is a wonderful fertilizer , it needs to be composted. If you purchase compost from an organic bulk compost facility or supplier, be sure to ask what method they employ. Ask them if they’re able to describe the process or if they say it’s “aged”. It could suggest that the manure was lying in piles for many years, causing incorrect composting.

Always be aware of the Ph levels of the compost. A compost with the Ph value between 6 and 8 is ideal. The balance of nitrogen and carbon ratios are also important. If this is the case, the numbers should range from 10-20. High carbon levels would indicate an inconsistent compost, akin to sawdust. Finally, rely on your senses for the right choices. Use your sense of smell, touch, and your eyes to decide whether the compost is the right fit for you.


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