Time to Get Personal About Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer – Legal Terms Dictionary


A physical injury or emotional injury. Talking about accidents that involve motor vehicles may result in victims who suffer from emotional and physical harm. In the event that a person suffers hit to their body that is harmful, they may suffer physical injury. Physical injuries can include bruised bones and fractured bones. While emotional traumas can be hard to quantify and are more likely to have psychological causes, like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In the majority of cases, the initial thing a vehicle collision attorney does is acquire evidence and information concerning the accident. This information and documents will assist later in the process of preparing an injury suit against the negligent party. It is possible to assist personal injury victims by seeking personal injury protection coverage. This allows them to recover their settlement for damages. A portion of the compensation is medical bills, lost wages along with pain and suffering along with other costs as a direct result of the crash.


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