The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Insurance – The Employer Store

You should be aware of this regardless of whether you’re an aspiring company owner or an entrepreneur who never understood much about their insurance policy. It is important to be aware of the following sections of insurance: liability, property, workers’ comp, commercial automobile, and workers’ compensation.

The type of insurance called liability insurance covers the consequences of your company’s actions to other people. That policy can include medical and legal protections in the event of injuries to your customers at that place. The insurance will cover someone who falls on a slippery flooring. The insurance company will cover the cost up to a limitation. It’s usually $1,000,000 for every situation and $2 million annually.

This general liability protection doesn’t take into account accidents or injuries resulting from what you’re selling. Insurance will not cover the negative consequences of selling food items if the buyer is intoxicated.

For further information on insurance providers for commercial purposes, you are able to watch the rest part of this video.


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