Jobs for Introverts with No College Degree – Cost of College Education

Jobs for introverts with no college degree Truck driving and transportation management. Truck drivers must deal with pressure because they’re usually away from home for extended times, which is why managing their time effectively is important. They are also required to keep their driving records clean and they are required to keep good customer relations with any customer they handle. In the case of certain kinds of truck drivers, specialized licensing may be required depending on the specific state they’re operating in.
Construction Workers

Due to the inherent instability of concrete as well as other construction materials the construction industry must make quick decisions and modify their plans rapidly. They are often required to be able to prove they have high school However, certain construction firms prefer applicants who went to the college level and received an education in construction technology.

Communication skills are crucial for construction workers to express their needs with colleagues. Since unexpected problems can arise during construction work, they need solid ability to solve problems. Building inspectors require at least a bachelor’s level in building science or another related subject. Some states require building inspectors to be able to obtain associate’s degrees and the certification.


Custodians and Janitors must be able to work unsupervised as their bosses won’t constantly be on the premises. Additionally, they must have good communication skills to explain to the clients what they want. Janitors and custodians typically require a high school diploma. However, some companies may insist that applicants have certificates or associate’s degrees in custodial work. Due to the fact that they use a lot of large machines like vacuums or mop mops, they require abilities to think on their feet and are strong.

Diesel Engine Mechanic

The job market looks grim especially for those without a university education. However, there are still jobs for those who don’t already have one. Particularly those who are shy and love having fun with your hands.


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