Incredible and Unusual Restaurants – Articles About Food

Dining out in a restaurant. Restaurants provide delicious food and comfortable surroundings. Some restaurants take it to the next level. This video will introduce you to incredible and unusual dining establishments around the world.

Ithea restaurant is situated in the Maldives which allows diners to consume their meals while sitting in large glass structures that are set beneath the water. You can enjoy your food and watch a wide variety of marine species swimming above. Next that is on the list is O.Noir. Their philosophy is that dining in darkness enhances the flavor of the food as other senses are amplified because individuals are not able to rely on their vision. Guests at this restaurant will be eating in the darkness while served by a staff of visually impaired staff members. This restaurant gives guests a taste of the real world for people who have visual impairments. Another fantastic restaurant is the Bird’s Nest Restaurant. It offers spectacular views along with the fantastic food. This restaurant is far up in the forest canopy. Food preparation is done at on the ground and then ziplined to guests in the tree.


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