How to Hand Wash Cars – Car Talk Podcast

If you’d like to maintain the appearance of your car great, make sure you know how to wash it by hand. This video will demonstrate how to properly wash your vehicle without creating tiny scratches or swirls. It is important to ensure that the beauty of your vehicle doesn’t get damaged through washing it.

According to the host of this video, the manner in which you clean your vehicle is as crucial as washing itself. There is a need to clean particles from the exterior of the vehicle without smearing it on the clear coat. He demonstrates the tools that he regularly uses, such as degreasers, waxes, and soaps. He recommends keeping a variety of handwashing supplies that have different purposes.

A foam sprayer is one of his tools. Also, he employs brushes to wash cars. A microfiber glove that is absorbent can also used to pull the dirt and grime off of paint.

In following the steps on the video, you can master hand washing vehicles like a pro. ctbus73gvo.

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