Expectations for a Primary Care Doctor Visit – Alabama Wild Man


You can find out what you should get from your primary health care doctor.

Check-in is the initial move upon your arrival at the medical office. There is the front desk, and there will be someone who can confirm the appointment.

If this is your first visit going to the clinic there’s a good chance you’ll get a notepad and some forms that will be required to fill out about the medical history of your family. It’s recommended to show up to your appointment at least 15 minutes beforehand to give yourself time to fill these out.

Once you’ve completed the forms, you must wait patiently in the waiting area. When you’ve finished your documents, a nurse, or another member of the main healthcare physician’s team will contact you to answer your phone call. They will measure all of your vitals, such as heart rate, blood pressure as well as oxygen levels. They’ll also measure your weight and height.

After these information are gathered the team member is going to confirm that you’ve come in. The team member will let you know whether it’s a routine checkup or if you have an urgent problem. These details will be given to the doctor.

The doctor will come in and conduct a physical examination and possibly double-checking your vitals and seeking more specifics concerning your health and medical information. They will then diagnose you and make any referrals that you might require.


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