How to Do Heat Transfer Vinyl with an Iron – Shop Smart Magazine

Vinyl that can be heated, also called iron-on vinyl or T-shirt Vinyl (or HTV) is able to be bonded to fabric. It is not like sheet or rolls of adhesive vinyl that stick right at the very beginning. Heat activates the adhesive. This vinyl comes in sheets, rolls and packs. You will need an ironing board, a towel or an ironing surface together with clothes, the protective material and the vinyl (she used multipurpose paper). An iron should not have steam holes at the center. You want one that is only a few inches wide around the edges and not. A flat surface for heating is important. The iron must reach an temperature of 300°F, without the use of water or steam. Be sure that the clothing is dry and free of wrinkles. If you’re using an item of clothing, cut it into two and press it down so you’ve got a line to be following to ensure that the vinyl stays center. Then press the vinyl on it for 10-15 seconds.


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