Causes of and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction – Healthy Huntington

There are various causes. Doctors have a wide range of ways to treat.

Many of the causes of sexual dysfunction may be related to issues that affect heart and circulatory system. Erectile dysfunction could be caused or caused by problems with the flow of blood through the body. Other factors include oral medicines that include antidepressants as well as surgeries, such as ones used for treating prostate cancer.

Doctors may be able to help patients with problems with erectile function once the root cause is established. Oral medications are the first method of treatment. These medications can be used for as many as 75% of men. Doctors also offer injectables, gels for intra-urethral use, implantable surgical devices, as well as prosthetics. By working with a men’s health practitioner, a person is able to receive a treatment that resolves the problem caused by his erectile disorder.

Doctors have also noted that erectile dysfunction can be physically and psychologically based. The doctor may suggest therapy for any psychological blocks. By targeting all of the potential causes for men’s sexual dysfunction, they are able to make sure the treatment is as effective as is feasible. jq4ts3i7gu.