Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock at The Oscars Todays Entertainment News

They can sometimes escalate to violence, however. In the past, Will Smith too exception to a joke about Chris Rock made towards his wife at the Oscars. The outcome was Smith throwing Rock on the face. This is highly unusual for such a adored public figure to lash out in this manner. This video illustrates how lawyers respond to this madness. Remember, violence is not the solution. Speak with a personal injury lawyer for help if you’ve been hurt or injured by an individual.

Smith’s remark about Rock is a sign that they’ve a history of being averse to one another. But, that doesn’t mean violence acceptable. A slap as shown in the video would be considered assault according to California Assault Law. The law defines assault as “illegal attempt coupled with a present capability to cause severe injury on another person”. Rock may still choose to seek justice for Smith even if Smith was not hurt. It’s interesting that a district attorney may decide to file charges even if Rock does not want to decide to. We will see in the future what happens next.


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