What is a Parcel Audit – Car Talk Radio

Dit can also be referred to as the small package audit or small parcel audit. It involves reviewing the shipping invoice and charges for billing issues. FedEx and UPS often perform this job.

What is the process?
The audit process can be lengthy and usually managed by an outside business. Digital technology is commonly employed to view invoices which can include hundreds of pages of length. The programs can miss information because they work so fast. As a result, the business receives incorrect charges from the shipping company.

There are many issues that arise, including incorrect charges, duplicate costs as well as incorrect discount percentages and false accessorial costs. The customers can submit complaints through online forms or other methods.

Parcel audits are also performed in the event that parcels are delivered at non-scheduled times. Yet, the carrier overbills them or charges for services. Customers can be credited by the carrier for any time they believe there’s a problem. gqkguwix7c.

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