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mean? What kind of coverage are you payingfor? It is possible that you don’t realize how much you pay for basic auto insurance.

There are four kinds of coverage offered in an insurance bundle. This is the first type of protection, called liability coverage. This is applicable to incidents that the driver is at fault. Your liability coverage applies to the driver in the other vehicle and their medical costs in the event that you cause injury as the result of an accident. The coverage does not extend to your personal liability. But, the auto insurance may also cover medical payments coverage. The policy covers injuries sustained by you or your passengers in any accident.

Uninsured motorist insurance is the 3rd type of auto insurance. In the event that you’re involved in an incident with someone else who has no liability insurance, then your insured motorist insurance will be in force. This covers your medical costs in the case that another driver isn’t able to. Another type of insurance is to cover the damage that occurs to your car. It covers any direct or accidental loss your vehicle suffers. The coverage is divided into two different types that include collision coverage as well as “other other than collision” coverage. The coverage “Other Than Collision” is for any kind of damage that is not covered by your insurance policy.

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