The Different Types of Braces – Metro Dental Care

hen it comes to the process of straightening teeth, there are various types of braces utilized. Different types of braces each have distinct advantages and disadvantages. In this article we’ll examine some of the braces.

We will be focusing initially on braces made of steel. These are the most popular types of braces. Metal braces are put together with small brackets made of metal which are fixed on the top of the teeth. The wire is inserted into all of the brackets. It aids in the formation of the alignment of your teeth. One advantage of braces is the fact that they are possible to choose from a wide range of hues. Important to remember that braces made of metal stay in place throughout the entire treatment.

Invisalign is another type of braces. Invisalign utilizes an invisible system of aligners that are replaced every couple of weeks. An orthodontist is constantly sending you the latest set of aligners and over time, your teeth start to shift. Invisalign is removable in contrast to braces made of metal. You will usually only remove the aligners in order to eat. Invisalign does not need you to take off the aligners as frequently as conventional braces made of metal.


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