RSS Feeds Simplify Bloggers’ Lives

List RSS feeds are a relatively new phenomenon that started about ten years ago when blogging first became a popular hobby for millions of writers around the world. These writers discovered that list RSS feeds (or RSS feed lists) gave them an opportunity to share their short stories, poetry, photography, painting, editorials, news stories, and movie reviews with readers around the world. In essence, list RSS feeds (which stands for “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication”) work by translating code from one medium to another, so that bloggers can post their writings on Facebook or Twitter without worrying that the code will become so garbled and disorganized during the posting process as to render the writing unreadable (something that often happened when users tried to post blog content on other websites before list RSS feeds became popular). Furthermore, many bloggers are happy to discover that these list of RSS feeds function automatically; that is, an RSS feeds list automatically translates and posts the blogger’s writing to other websites and social media outlets on his or her behalf. This simple feature of RSS news feed lists saves the blogger dozens (if not hundreds) of hours over the course of a year, time which he or she often prefers to spend writing. Furthermore, this simple coding feature ensures that a bloggers’ writing or other content reaches as many readers or viewers as possible, thereby building a strong loyal audience of hundreds (or even thousands) of readers or viewers for the blogger’s content in a matter of months. Before list RSS feeds became popular, it often took a blogger thousands of hours to capture and retain this kind of an audience. After considering these facts, it is easy to understand why so many bloggers use list RSS feeds.

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