Pros and Cons of Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Family Issues

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c. Yoga

The ancient art of yoga that combines physical, mental as well as spiritual aspects. The goal of Yoga is to improve overall health and wellbeing. It is a sequence of poses or postures designed to stretch and strengthen the body.

Anybody can take yoga regardless of their age or level of fitness. You must find the right class with certified instructors who are able to alter the yoga poses according to your ability level.

D. Biofeedback

Biofeedback uses sensors to monitor your body’s reactions to stressors like heart beat and tension. The goal of biofeedback is to help you learn how to manage your body’s reaction to stress. Biofeedback is frequently employed to manage tension headaches, hypertension and anxiety.


Hypnosis is a technique that relies on relaxation as well as focused concentration to attain a state of increased awareness. You’ll be more inclined to new thoughts once you reach this stage. Hypnosis is often used to treat problems including anxiety, pain addiction, and pain.

f. Guided Imagery

Guidance imagery involves the use of imagination in order to picture yourself as calm and serene settings. It’s been proved to ease anxiety, stress as well as pain. The use of guided imagery can reduce stress, anxiety as well as pain.


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