Maintenance Tips from a Professional Chimney Cleaner – Family Issues

Check that your chimney is in good condition during winter. If the chimney isn’t cleaned and maintained correctly, it will accumulate sooty-like particles that could lead to a risky spark. While some homeowners may employ professionals to maintain their chimneys, there is a way for anybody to do this job.

The first step is to seal the fireplace area with the help of a sheet of plastic. If you’re using a wooden stove instead, be sure the stove is shut. This will prevent soot from spreading throughout your home and creating the mess that you have to clean. After that, climb up to your roofing safely using an elevated ladder. Remove your chimney cap. Then, you can inspect the chimney with a flashlight or camera to gauge how much maintenance is required. It is now time to move your chimney cleaning brush. This can be purchased at the local hardware store or buy it online.

It is essential to carry safety equipment throughout this course of action. For protection of your eyes it is necessary to wear glasses and gloves. 8os6rv881w.

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