How to Treat Yourself While on Your Period – Health Advice Now

an easy spa treat mess or the cost and inconvenience of going to a spa. Massage therapy using aromatherapy utilizes the soothing qualities of fragrant oils. The oils can be easily penetrated by skin, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Aromatherapy is simple. It is not necessary to undergo an elaborate massage system to enjoy the benefits. All you require to perform this at-home treatment is about 15 minutes before bedtime. Take a few drops of lavender essential oil in your palm before you start your aromatherapy massage. Massage the oil on your abdomen, upper back, shoulders, and neck. It can be done up or twice per day until signs of menstrual cramps disappear. Massage with lavender essential oil helps to reduce symptoms of menstrual cramps Stress, anxiety and pain associated with PMS.

Make Sure You Eat a Healthful Diet While on Your Period

Foods that are healthy can be a wonderful means to treat yourself to a pampering experience during your menstrual cycle. An enlightened diet is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. There are many women who need to keep an eye on this even more so during their period. The reason for this is that the signs of PMS could make it challenging for women to make a decision about eating. This can be a result of psychological and physical changes , such as breast tenderness, bloated stomach and fatigue.

Certain women’s lower stomachs can become bloated, or even filled with gas that can make it hard to take in food. An enlightened diet will help you combat these symptoms as well as their negative effects on those difficult days. Healthy eating includes many foods packed with the nutrients, vitamins and protein one requires in order to survive her period. Women who are currently having their period and are on their period, the daily recommended intake is 40% of carbohydrates, 40% fat and 30% protein.

Bloating can be reduced by eating foods high in magnesium and potassium. They do this because they boost blood flow and water circulation. Avocados are an example of fruit and vegetables.


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