How to Store Extension Cords – Domain Fach

What happens when you are done with your project? What do you do to save the work until you can use it again? That’s where many extension cords suffer from improper storage. What you should learn about how to store extension cords in a safe manner.
When you’re finished with your extension cord, it’s time to unplug it. Once the extension cord has been removed, it’s time to prepare it for storage. If you’re operating in an area with water it is important to provide the cord with a thorough cleaning before putting it away. This could help to prevent mold growth and keep your extension cord in good condition.
Another thing that you’ll need to wrap up your extension cord. There is a problem most people face. Don’t wrap the cord tightly around something in order to keep it. Instead, you should coil the cable slowly into big loops. The cord you have is likely to have some loop patterns it’s looking to emulate — so let it. After you’ve wrapped the cable, tie it in a way that it maintains its shape and either hang it or lay it flat. q7vd7m571a.

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