How to Set Up Your Own Dedicated Servers – Whart Design

time. In addition, dedicated servers give higher speed. In the video above the narration claims that they increased their frame rate up to 2x. Now you might be wondering what you need to do to setup the server you want to use.

The video’s narration explains that users can set up the servers themselves. It is possible to do this by running a multi-player game 24/7 with a separate laptop. To make this perform, the players should have the computer running 24/7 and troubleshoot issues on their own. It should be running an operating system like Linux, Ubuntu, or Windows OS. It must have processing memory (RAM) that is at the least 8GB. However, 16GB is ideal for the most efficient service.

The majority of players utilize Steam to set up servers to play. For websites, many people use MySQL servers. Before setting up a server that runs Steam players should go through the list of dedicated servers. It will tell them that they’re able to play the game they are interested in. The players can pay to have their own online server that offers automation.

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