How to Install a Vinyl Fence – Maine’s Finest

can be useful in ensuring that you are sure that everything is level. Mark exactly where the fence posts will sit on the ground with spray paint.

Use a post hole drill to start digging holes in those areas that you’ve already designated. They should be at least twice the size of the fence post and deeper than frost. It is about 30-36″.

After that, place 5×5 that has been pressure treated to the post’s hollow portion and then screw it into place. Mix ready-to-use concrete. Mix in water to cement the base. You don’t have to brace the concrete as long as it’s sufficiently thick.

Measure the slope of your lawn with the measuring line in order to figure out the amount of soil to use for the fence’s first post. Make adjustments to the fence posts so as to avoid having a bent fence.

Once you’ve screwed the fence’s first post then repeat the process for remaining posts and then you are able to add panelling. You must ensure you screw these in tight to ensure the fence remains stable.

Get in touch with your nearest vinyl fencing firm for further information and to discuss your fencing project.


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