How Do Cell Towers Work? – Tech News

To install mobile communications antennas of multiple wireless service providers within one location in what is called colocation of cell towers.

A cell tower’s primary function is supporting antennas that emit and receive radio frequency (RF) signals from cell phones and other mobile devices. The base station, typically located at ground level, is linked to tower antennas via a network of wires. The base station has several elements. They receive and send radio transmissions via the antennae. Additional components for the base station are Signal amplifiers, combiners multiplexers, and system controllers.

Engineers should ensure that antennas can be positioned to adequately cover an any area that is covered by cell. Therefore, cell towers are typically 50 to 200 feet tall. Cell towers can be constructed as steel poles that stand alone, or are connected to various structures. In the second case engineers may fix towers of cell phones on structures bridges, water towers, bridges, traffic or street lights, billboards, as well as different structures. tdv5gpzhxf.

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