Getting a Kubota in 2022 – Your Oil

The addition of L3302 gear drive that is traditional and the L3902 hydrostatic transmission to the Standard L Series compact tractor lines has added an additional set of odels.

The two L02 models build upon the L Series’ reputation for reliability, durability, and versatility that has been the most-loved compact tractor in U.S. for decades. The new models come with enhanced options for comfort such as an updated suspension chair, arm rests , and rubber mats to reduce the wear and vibration. The modern design is also included and the standout feature one being an independent PTO to Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) this helps the user to control both pedals.

A well maintained Kubota tractor will last for between 4500-5500 gauged hour. This could lead to many years of usage, given that most tractor owners use their equipment for about 100-200 hours per year. If you’re able to devote the time and skills to efficiently manage and take care of Kubota’s tractor, there is a good chance that you will more than 10,000 hours

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