Funny Criminal Fails on Video – Entertainment Videos

unch. Unch. situation and are often forced to make unorthodox decisions. Sometimes, the funny mistakes appear on security cameras. This video will demonstrate various instances of criminals who committed hilarious mistakes. They will hopefully be able to make better decisions after making many hapless choices.

One of the most funny instances caught on video is that of a criminal being hit by vending machines. The vending machine was thrown right in front of him. He was fine and his companion was able to assist him with getting up. Vending machines are dangerous because of their mass. This is an excellent instance of not allowing yourself to steal from vending machines.

Another criminal was accountable for the robbery of the house. He stumbled across a mirror in an unlit room which appears odd. The suspect is later frightened by the reflection. He probably believed that the man in the mirror was in actuality a person. In reality, he was scared of his own reflection. You can see him leaving the front door, and then down the street.


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