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Although it is sometimes confused to cosmetic dentistry they’re not the same.

Reconstructive Dentistry is for patients who have decayed, missing or damaged teeth. If the permanent teeth of a patient are damaged, chipped or cracked broken or damaged, they can be repaired. Crowns, porcelain veneers or esthetic bonding are three successful methods for resolving this.

Dental decay is often the most painful issue. If left untreated the decay will ultimately reach the teeth’s root. Pain, headaches, and sleepless nights are common when teeth decay is present. For treatment dentists suggest crowns, fillings and esthetic bonds.

The missing adult upper teeth may not be as conspicuous as lower teeth however, they could cause the jaw losing bone, which could change your facial shape. This condition can be corrected by dental bridges, dentures or implants. If there is severe damage, adult wisdom tooth extraction could be necessary. The process is quick and safe with minimal injury to the teeth and gums. m13ibxbb7f.

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