Do You Know How to Split Wood By Hand – Home Efficiency Tips

There are many ways to get firewood cleaned, but it’s easier to cut it yourself. It’s all you require is a pair of gloves, eye protection, an nimble, light wood splitting maul, as well as this firewood-processing guide on YouTube’s popular channel called The Art of Manliness.

Choose a thick, heavy piece of wood (or an uncut stump from the tree) and a smooth top. Then, you can use it as your cutting block. Add another wood piece above it. Stand about two feet away. Place your feet about shoulder-width to each other. Stay in balance. Don’t rush.

Before you begin cutting, practice your swing. Set the maul in the dominant hand. Steer straight. Then, swing your arms in a forward direction and backwhile gliding your hand on the handle as you descend. It is not necessary for you to bend or put on the full force. The force required to cut the wood will be supplied by gravity. You just need to put the maul’s blade in the right place.

The goal is to find the middle in the wood chunk. You will avoid the chunk of wood flying at you. It will also ensure that the chunk is not crushed by your maul. Lift the maul and piece and lower it again. Wood will eventually split. As with everything else, cutting wood will become easier with practice. za96so3xia.

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