Different Types of Compressed Air Dryers – Business Web Club

“Air Dryers” examines the various types of dryers.

The two primary types of dryers available for you include desiccant and refrigerant. Air dryers that are refrigerant have low maintenance devices. They function similarly to home freezers as they employ a cooling mechanism to keep humidity from getting in.

Non-cycling and cycling refrigerant air dryers are two different kinds of air dryers that are refrigerated. The refrigerators that do not cycle refrigerate indefinitely and keep a constant temperature. They are reliable and easy to manage. However, cycling refrigerant air dryers are able to create the needed temperature and stop when temperatures rise to a specified degree. This makes them environmentally-friendly.

Desiccant dryers are another type in the air drying process. The dryer is able to absorb moisture, and later dry it. There are two kinds of desiccant dryers: single canisters or twin dryers. For point-of-use applications, single canisters are commonly utilized. The canister is made of a fine, hygroscopic substance , through which air circulates before being cleaned. Industries that require clean, uncontaminated air can use twin dryers.


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