Add Some Knowledge to Your Life With a News RSS Feed

RSS feeds have been around since the 90s, believe it or not. They are just now becoming popular and utilized because of how useful and efficient they are. RSS feeds allow you to collect all updated content from all of your favorite sites, and access them in one convenient location. Whether you use an RSS reader app on your phone, one based in a web browser, or an installed application on your computer, you have many options for viewing your RSS feed collection.

If you are new to RSS feeds, you may not know where to go in order to subscribe to all of these great feeds. To find subscriptions, you have three basic options. You can go to each individual site that you might want, and click on its RSS subscription button. The icon is a little orange box with white waves flowing to the upper right hand corner. When you find it you, you will know exactly what I am talking about, and say Oh, that is what that box is for. You will have seen the RSS subscription button all over, but may have never known what it actually is. But some sites hide them, so keep your eyes open.

Another option is to look online for a collected list of RSS feeds. You can find tons of these online. Some will be an all encompassing collection, with RSS feeds for all sorts of subjects. But others can be more specific, such as a list of RSS news feeds. This RSS news feed list will be a huge collection of all RSS feeds that provide news updates. You can find them provided by Google, Yahoo, BBC, CNN, Fox, and any other news organization you may desire.

As if that were not specific enough of an RSS feed list, you can get that broken into categories as well. Some RSS news feed lists are separated by subjects. You can look specifically at a world news RSS feeds list, or food news, or economy, while completely ignoring religious or science or sports news.

Instead of looking online for these lists, you can also access them right in your RSS reader. Very often they have a library list of additional RSS feeds, sorted by topics and subjects, so that you can find more to read and be exposed to. So stop bouncing all over the internet for your content. Open your RSS reader and save yourself time.

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