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Despite Trends, the Internet is a Great News Source

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According to a survey conducted in January by the Media and Public Opinion Research Group, the vast majority of Americans still depend on the television to get the latest news updates. Of all the people surveyed, 30.6% said that they depended on cable news, and just under 30% said that they used network programming to stay informed. The third highest news source was the internet, which 14% of people claimed to use the most. Though it only ranks third and is still dwarfed by the TV in popularity, the internet is often a better option, especially for people who use comprehensive news RSS feed lists.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using the internet is that it allows you to get information on your own time. It can be tough for people with busy schedules to turn on the news every morning before they head to work or when they get home and want to unwind after a long day. But by hopping online, you can get news updates right from your desk while simply killing time at work or while just